Jul. 9, 2015



Mind Control is a silent , covert, coercive manipulation of human brain & mind through low-frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF , Microwave) in the neuron synapse level , that alters & debilitates a human being slowly but surely .. It's a nerve crime & brain crime primarily that alters the human psychology & behaviour to an abnormal extent to make anyone act as a “puppet” or “slave” in the hand of the modern day mafias / mafia Govt servants; or to become their false targets in vested criminal interest ...It’s a manipulation/ poisoning/murder/ of human brain, body, mind and it’s surrounding including air and consciousness., and including people & situations too ..


  1. Mind Control Technology and it’s effects are well-known and has produced millions of victims many of whom have died , committed suicide or living in dire distress ..Nothing new in here for us too ..
  2. Worldwide TI evidence & even a little esential knowledge of Science ( that it attacks nerve primarily , in neuron synapse level and cellular level ), bans it completely .. As this violates basic rights like body rights (inc. brain rights) ..Scalar Waves,  Microwaves and ELF are pririly used for this attack . No one can be given any leagl license to operate on this frequency ranges. 
  3. There is no scope or provision in India to do any such thing .. No Govt. policy,  Defence deal or research  objective ever existed ..
  4. This is like living and dying in a lawless crime & terror condition .. This can be considered as Life & rights Abuse and Murder .. Can no way be permitted under law & order or constitution, codes (code of conduct of chairs & uniforms) & ethics  , moral or principles ..
  5. Violates fundamental rights like life rights, health rights and all .. Obstructs justice process(also, Equality and Liberty codes of constitution) criminally .. The premise of law h& justice has to be falsified and reversed in order for them to be considered as any valid under those ..Violates section 14, 17, 19 & 21 at least , if not others ..UDHR Articles like Article 3,4,5 & 12 are also greatly violated ..It violates civil rights also ..
  6. No concept or program like Human experimentation exists in here .. Also for human experimentation Nuremeberg Code is to be followed, for that ..(Nuremberg Trial can be used as referenced as punishment standard of violation of such things)..
  7. Please see Nuremberg Code from http://www.unwittingvictim.com/NurembergCode.html in my site ..
  8. Patriot Act was the excuse for doing mass surveillance .. It’s mainly for terrorists and dangerous criminals .. Please see https://www.aclu.org/surveillance-under-usa-patriot-act in my site for Patriot Act details ...
  9. Russia has banned it , UN has declared ban and European Praliament has also banned it .. US used to have Space Preservation Act , 2001 was there in correspondence with which it is banned in Richmond, CA recently ..
  10. Laws against Electromagnetic Laws & Gang stalking exists in many states of US with the Michigan Law  as the most important one in taht direction  ..Please see Michigan law from http://garydchance.tripod.com/surveillance/id32.html
  11. This also violates 18 USC Section 241, Sec 242,  2441,  2332h , 2340A and others .. Please see my note in facebook for this .. https://www.facebook.com/notes/1003641536317290/?pnref=story
  12. It's like an wepon-handed psychotroicn weapons, microwave wepons , acoustic weapons ect.) loot presence in human life that violates all civil, legal & humanitarian norms ...

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