Aug. 17, 2015

My Case In a Nutshell

Summary Thoughts


Like a door-break in and a computer break-in crime, this is a nerve break-in crime in someone’s life , that is devastating and deadly in all terms of life & justice .. 

The Appeal

Hi, I'm Deb Chakraborty, a pathetic victim of  Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapon's Torture and Crime ..This is a Gross Human Rights Violation and Abuse to begin with ,with deadly and damaging effects on Brain, Mind & Body..I am losing my Life, Living and Livelihood, Health, Wealth & Dignity for years, through this, and going towards a pathetic bleak future . So, Please lend your voice of support against this heinous Organized Crime & Black Conspiracy against me ... (So, please voice it for me that "No matter what , this inhuman act must get stopped immediately  and he has to be given a free and fare life like billions out there. Let the good sense of humanity & justice prevails in all") 

My Public Representation in :- 

My Torture Case Testimonial :-

The Crime

Mind Control is a silent , covert, coercive manipulation of human brain & mind through low-frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF , Microwave) in the neuron synapse level , that alters & debilitates a human being slowly but surely .. It's a nerve crime & brain crime primarily that alters the human psychology & behaviour to an abnormal extent to make anyone act as a “puppet” or “slave” in the hand of the modern day mafias / mafia Govt servants; or to become their false targets in vested criminal interest ...It’s a manipulation/ poisoning/murder/ of human brain, body, mind and it’s surrounding including air and consciousness., and including people & situations too .. This being against the basic fair rights of life, health , security and justice , and against humanitarian laws, must have been outlawed long back .. 

The Weapon 

Psychotronic Weapons is the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his consciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control…” This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!”  

The Proof Of Evidence (of Technology & it’s Effects): 

Historical, & public evidences aplenty .. Please visit this link as a proof of existence of this kind of crimes worldwide.

The Names

A few prime criminal masterminds in this regard are Mr. James Anderson (and his network in US ) , Arghya Ghose(and his company and associatess In India & US ) ,Sanyantan, Robert, Jaya, Pratap, Pradip Sarkar , Pranab bose, Saikat/Budha(bulldog) & Shantanu Mukherjee Mr. Patterson(some US DoD agent and his network ), Mr. Andrews, Mr. Chadwick(and their network in US) , This is the worst international mafia / underworld racket / ring that is fasley influencing and manipulationg the world with a sick sex racket and a perverted police racket  for mind control racketeering in the world...Also to mention in here as the prime criminal schemers s & culprits for whom the crime has gone out of bound are Mrs. Mamata Banerjee(CM Of West Bengal, Sharukhn Khan (Mumbai Actor),  Patel Consultants of US,..Barrack Obama (the US President) and Mr. Ashok Tripathy (NRI, US) ..Also to mention in here is the name of Ted Cruz, the Texas Governor ..  

The Proof (for my case) 

No such remote life violating device is legally available in India .. Neither commercially available , nor available in any Govt authorized factories) .. So it’s all smuggled-in and illegally manufactured criminal devices , instruments &machineries .. So the evidence lies in the illegal manufacturing, arrangement, conspiracy & use and in the involvement, duration, association and activities..Evidence lies in the false authorization and power abuse also.. 

 The Charges 

As defined in 

The Human Rights Issue:- 

The Privacy Rights Issue:- 

The Challenge :- 

The Legality and Mechanism involved in the producst and the process & in the conception and approval of any such thing remained the challenge for all ..The Involvement, Duration, Activity are also duly challemged in all terms .. Anyone einvolved in manufacturing or use are challenged in terms of Narco Analysis Test and all (This being a high grade crime , conspiracy & scam case  ) ..

Jusitfication of Names taken in this regard :-

The names are defnitely involved as par the following points ..

a. Any undue name taking , activity against me and my life and unauthorized machine / device used à Basis For Crime Charges ...

b. Mode Of Operation (i.e. ways & means) - All Illegal & Criminal ..

c. Log of operation (i.e. Activity and duration - All unauthoirzed in human life and are illegal & criminal Again.

d. Node s of OPeration - Crime Centres ..

e. Charges on - Illegal possession & indiscrminate use of criminal weapons / murder weapons with abetment an provocation of such things that amounst to attempt to murder offense  

The Compensation

On account of punitive damage , criminal defamation and intentional infliction of torture & damage (mental cruelty charges included) , IIED and above .. At least 20 Cr. in Indian Terms and 50M USD in US terms ..

NB : -


2. Any false complaints in my name:-

I vere got any complaint intimation from anyone and I neevr had any civil /public incidence with anyone..So, all invalid & rubbish, manufactured and fabricated , conspired and prepared stuffs to fool the audience with false influence, manipulation, bribing , coercion , provocation & purchase ..