Mar. 2, 2016

My Challenge To The Authorites

I wanted to challenge any authority in regards to Mass surveillance, Mind Control , Human Experimentation , NWO and all long back ..
And the point of talk was :-
The essentials in here is to emphasize on the following points :-
2. YOU CAN’T GO AGAINST THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and the fundamental rights always includes right to life, liberty health and personal security.. Haebus Corpus principle also can’t be violated ..
3. Every man has a property in his own person . This nobody has a right to, but himself ..
4. All men are equal before the law and justice principles (through equality of rights and equality of justice ) .All Constitutional rights , Civil & other individual rights/human rights are to be abided by all authorities ..
5. My brain & Body are my assets ,(hence are my birth-rights) and hence can not be used, misused or abused without my informed consent ..
6. This is against the law & order and constitution of both the countries , no false & fabricated issue could have justified any action  on me in either country .. Also the code of Human experimentation  is guided by Belmont Report , Nuremberg Code and HHS rules & regulations ( where Informed Consent is a must ) ..In here I would like to mention this iste link

and ( in this regard ..

Also, warrant-less search & seizure is also against US amendment Act 4  and for any international warrant , FISA & FISC rules for foreign country is very much applicable (

For Mass surveillance , the technology used is EBL & RNM (Electronic brain linking and Remote neural monitoring ) ..
Such brain linking is actually remote chaining up of an individual through targeting and violation and abuse of life and rights ..
Also , remote neural monitoringis about manipulation / tampering of neural level activity to make a target live under false subjugation or slavery ..
Now surveillance is not about targeting or manipulating /murdering .. You can not in general affect anyone negatively with you or your things ..Also you don’t get all and everyone in one shot , where any attackers get recorded simultaneously ..Plus it affects the very essentials that maintains one’s life and makes it any valuable ..
So, it’s rejected outright , based on all due grounds ..
Mind Control Experimentation is an absurdity , that is NO WAY any possibility in any world ..It’s principally, legally, morally and ethically absurd and a weapon handed loot presence that robs away your due life and all , in false interest and without prior justification ..It’s a slow-kill assassination type operation with an invisible concentration camp scenario that surrounds the individual but remains invisible and non-traceable ..
As for human experimentation informed consent is a must and Nuremberg Code, Belmont Report and Geneva/Helsinky convention , HHS rules & regulations can’t be violated as these all determines the guidelines and protocols of international norm/international treaties for such things ..
NWO is also a false concept where the lies of the corrupt elites remains protected in vested interest ..
Strictly implementing UN guidelines as an one umbrella solution for running all the Govts of the world , is a much better solution ..
NB : Some points to note against Mind Control Tech and all , from other perspectives which are important things to consider in here .. This was to challenge other authorities who would try their knowledge in here .. In all principle grounds they are ruled out in here ..
Against Mind Control Tech
No doubt that the technology was very sophisticated , but I stand firm to go all against it , based on all the principles and values that humanity and civilization is based on and got refined on , among which slavery doesn't qualify as one ...Govt servants are no masters of the people who recruits them from among the population to do some of their jobs called public service that include safety, security of the nation too..We ain't no kids to get bulldozed over by some cunning crooked devils and their false interest ... Utopian bullshitting is no way to go about any world ...(Regarding scalar wave / lilly wave manipulation of human beings in a subtle and coercive way ,although damage is minimized , still it tampers /manipulates the integrity and dignity of an individual , and with private information stealing provision and all it comes nothing but a criminal slavery only .. )
My point is that it' s a civil world and anything and everything can be and should be done civilly , at least by those who upholds all the rules and regulations of it and think and go by it ..Animals are also treated through punishment and reward scheme , but only for a certain period and animal rights also prevents any UNDUE deprivation and treatments, and especially those that are cruel, inhuman and degrading mentally as well as physically ...
Also treating human being as some animals and civilization as some naked existence of such creatures is no way to think and go about .. Human dignity is inviolable and inalienable and rights and laws are there to protect us all against oppressive tyrants
Also, SAR(specific Absorption rate) specification could have been a guideline for commercialization and applications in human life for such technology, like microwave and mobile and all, and that’s why we are using such instruments in our life .. But spectrum range beyond that and too directly against neurons & synapse level activity & circuitry, soft tissues , cells and all affects human beings dangerously ..So these are no way any permitted tech for anything ..(These does DNA AND RNA level changes also)
Plus had it come civilly and with due information and transparency in the system , (like who exactly is doing anything on me and where is he and his authorization papers and all.. In that way, we would have challenged the concerned authority in all legal & medical terms immediately ..
If he can’t disclose his identity, and entitlement and authorization within a specified time , say an hour or so, he is getting charged criminally and in irreversible terms ..
NB : These are some of my articles in this regard ..