Jun. 24, 2015




The Petitions and Inquiries Section

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

United Nations Office at Geneva

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


Dear Sir,

An absurd , inhuman, cruel-most and degrading International Crime (technically called “Mass Mind-Controlled Murder”) is being carried out in West Bengal, India for the last 16 years (since 1999), with the help of US nationals and their smuggled-in and illegally manufactured instruments and or devices/weapons in here....This is an illegal mafia ring , that's connected with black US agencies who are falsely influencing and funding the Nazi crime in here ..I have sent many appeals to you in this regard, but of no avail so far ..Please consider my report and torture case testimonial as very true...Trillions of dollars of black money is being used in here as terror funding for influence & purchase ..

To clarify a little more on the Hi-Tech Health & Life Crime that I am talking about , please visualize the human brain as some kind of bio-chemical computer , that can be destructively hacked in and can be done anything and everything upon through advanced technology... Translating it in real terms, this is a real time invasion of brain, body & mind though consciousness invasion and for a ceaseless “murder & ruin” operation (slow & fast) ...Please remember that The criminals all manufacture & fabricate lies & nonsense for crime provocation purpose in filthy vested interest and make lie-representation about me everywhere  .It’s as par some military crime tactics called psychological warfare, information warfare amidst an grand electronic warfare for murder & ruin...

I used to live in US peacefully and as a law-abiding citizen for quite some time(in New Jersey, US, till 1999) , when this kind of unwarranted assault & attack took place that took away my life, living and livelihood over  there and brutally severed my life and rights in here in my country , when I was forced to come back in here ..

As you might be already aware, that this kind of crime is done with Psychotronic Weapons, Microwave weapon and different ELF and Bio-Electromagnetic weapons ,  and India has got no provision and scope of manufacturing and applying any such thing on civilians , and neither do anyone from US .. The anti-torture law (18 Section 2340A) , anti-radiation device law(Section 2332h), Section 241, 242 and all goes well against any such things  from US and about US nationals doing this to me.. The Crime effects are shown in the link  given in here ..

To introduce myself I would like to say that I was a Gold-medallist Engineer and a successful professional who was working and studying in US, peacefully and harmlessly way back in 1999, when I suddenly became a target of this hate crime from a filthy racket in there, who started attacking and assaulting me covertly and meaninglessly, out of sheer jealousy and false speculation ..

But No matter what anyone’s false perception about me was, no nothing could have been done against Law & Order and Constitution in any country ..  Everything afterwards was done in filthy vested interest and in exchange of a huge propaganda-murder rubbish ...They falsely manufactured a huge amount of lie, nonsense, rubbish and make believe nonsense in my name  to serve their purpose, and to get their false fame through clever manipulation and influence (Both In India and in US) ..

The main criminal masterminds are all falsely hyped up US nationals and locals ( their associates) like Mr. James Anderson, Arghya Ghose, Andrews, Sayantan, Pradip , Shantanu , Robert, Jaya, Pratap, Ashok Roy, Buddha/Saikat, etc .. Their main crime den is in  Notunpara, South 24 pgs. West Bengal, India, and from adjacent villages like Saritpur, Tnetultala, Kulatali etc. )..

Please remember that , these are just dangerous criminals and dangerous liars, producing more danger than MKULTRA days , when there is no scope of any word called human experimentation in India .. 

I call for a ban on this kind of technology as millions of victims all over the world are suffering cruelly because of this .. When Nuremberg code is international guideline for human experimentation and Space Preservation Act was passed in 2001 ( HR 2977) , this kind of acts are unjustified throughout the world, and especially in India in my case  especially.. 

The Current Govt of West Bengal, (TMC  and it’s CM , Mrs. Mamata Banerjee) is herself illegally involved in the crime for long in filthy vested interest, to get falsely profited  out of this..She is one of the prime culprits of this crime ... US nationals are taking full advantage of the situation and are murdering me in filthy vested interest .. So, Please don’t trust anyone on anything for this.. Mrs. Mamata Banerjee , CM of West Bengal and Sharukh Khan (of Mumbai, India) are the prime culprits of this huge , heinous crime , scam & scandal ..Mr. Barack Obama, the US President, is the biggest culprit in here , for which US is losing trillions of dollars as part of black bribing in India & US for a big crime racketeering & porn racketeering  ... 14 Trillions of dollars of black money is being used in here as terror funding for influence & purchase, all due to him ..

But, this is principally and legally absurd an act that conceptually is a murder-invasion of body, brain, mind, air, water, soul, people and situations around  and hence the most prolific crime in history.. This is an inhuman criminal conspiracy against humanity also , that many people have not realized as of now ..

The role of US is really bothering me for long on this as I am not getting  the bare minimum necessity of a free and fare life in this world .. 

These are seriously chargeable crime in India under Indian Penal Code Sections 144, 107, 120B,  323/325, 304, 307, 334-338,292, 292A, 499, 500 etc. to say the least ...Also this is a against constitution of India violating article 21, 14, 17,19 ...For officers in Uniform or on high chair also it is seriously chargeable for criminal misuse and abuse of power, position and office, for gross human rights crime, crime against constitution, and also for Section IPC 166, 166A, 166B, 167 and many more...

For US nationals , Title 18 USC Section 241, Section 242, Section 2340A of CAT, Section 2332h , HR 1160 , CAT , HR 2977 ,Michigan House Bill 4513, Pubic  act no 256, Michigan House Bill 4514, Public Act No 257, are all applicable ..CAT conventions are also very much applicable in here in this context

Also, the Articles that gets violated as par Universal Declaration of Human Rights in this respect are:-


Article 1, Right to equality:

Article 2, Freedom from discrimination: 

Article 3, Right to life, liberty and personal security:
You have the right to live, to be free and to feel safe.

Article 4, Freedom from slavery:
Nobody has the right to treat you as a slave, and you 
should not make anyone your slave. 

Article 5, Freedom from torture and degrading 
Nobody has the right to torture, harm or humiliate 

Article 12, Freedom from interference with privacy, 
family, home and correspondence: 
You have the right to be protected if someone tries to 
harm your good name or enter your house, open your 
mail or bother you or your family without good reason.

Article 18, Freedom of thought, conscience and religion:

Article 30, Freedom from interference in these human 
No person, group or government anywhere in the world 
should do anything to destroy these rights.

Hence I request for your kind assistance for an immediate stop of this crime in its entirety, as the criminals are doing an extreme murder torture to murder & reverse the issue in here .. May I get your kind attention in this regard ?

Respectfully Yours,

Deb Chakraborty

13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street,

Kolkata - 70090

West Bengal



NB : Please look at the important documents as attached in here for details and look at the important documents as attached in here for details .Please visit the link http://maildevto.wix.com/dchakrab#!indian-govt-scenario/c1dch for a fact that why no Indian Govt. can do it. , no matter what goes on in US with lame excuse ..    My Legal Appeal in this regard , is also given with the link ..    




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