1. Do you know Deb Chakraborty ( I mean any civil knowing or any civil incidence that you can recollect ?)   (i.e. Explain your “life” (civil, personal, professional or academic life) association with him that would allow you for a comment against him in any lawful terms ..)
  2. If you are any Police Officer, show me your assignment chart, duty roster, duty hour and duty assignment in order for you to be entitled for a talk/activity regarding him.. (PS: I will go by the books , and not by some names who might be working in filthy vested interest) ..
  3. Are you involved in an illegal conspiracy or crime against him ever in your life?
  4. Did you try to exploit him criminally at any point of time?
  5. Explain and justify any a) manufacturing & b)use of unrecognized device, c) policy and d) arrangement of any such implementation & e) jusitfied activity  in his life that would earn you a talk in his regard ..I mean in short, DEFINE YOURSLEF IN LEGAL TERMS IN ANY TALK AGAINST HIM FOR THIS CASE..
  6. Have you been influenced by any person regarding me or regarding the crime activity that he complained against  for years …?
  7. Have you taken any illegal money during the last few years/ months/days? Explain yourself in there ..
  8. Have you been involved in any abnormal sex activity  during the last few years/ months/days? Explain yourself in there ..
  9. Are you in knowledge of either ? Explain yourself in there too..
  10. Are you involved in any advanced technology application Explain yourself in there ..
  11. Are you in possession of any unknown electronic device that can affect any human life adversely?
  12. Do you know any Argho Ghosh/James Anderson/Sayantan/ Jaya/ Pratap/Shantanu/Robert and their group ? Pl. Explain your association and activity with each..
  13. Explain your association with Deb Chakraborty and his life so as to have any talk regarding him from your end.

NB :

1. The hate propaganda that's driving this huge hate crime is a big lie, as there is no good basis for any such talk ...All such talks are nullified , as firstly because none of you know me any civilly for any situation , and you might be talking in vested criminal interest only ..

2. Unrecognized machines/computers used in here are no way any dependable and trustworthy source of anything anyway.. So you can’t make that as any basis for your words/actions …Also such kinds of comp. manufactured images are to be taken as comp. manufactured lies & nonsense only ..

3. There is no nothing called "experimentation" and "research" in here ... Firstly because there is no such policy, no such authorized infrastructure, no defined objective and no such credential & credibility of the people involved, and procedure or activity followed that would let you define it as any such way..

4. No complaint in my name in this condition can be sustained .. Firstly because I never had any civil incidence or public incidence with anyone that would result in a valid complaint in due process & due time .. Secondly , it was a “law & order” less crime anarchy situation where brain manipulation & damage was an integral part of the crime .. So it was all forcible & manipulative acts in distress situations ...

5. Strong retribution and punishment was the call for the day long back for all the activites going on in my life illegally & criminally causing a huge loss and damage in all spheres of my life ...A heavy compensation was demanded on all due grounds for it as part of reparation act for this ..