Dear Sir,

For years I’m languishing helplessly as an innocent victim of severe mind control and psychotronic torture that is invalidating and incapacitating me slowly and drives me towards a slow painful death...It’s like an advanced digital concentration camp scenario that slow-kills an individual psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, financially and socially with brutal sadistic deprivation in all sphere .. This destroys the human dignity and integrity in one fell swoop and destroys the brain and nervous system severely. This is like a death by thousand cuts that feels like murdering, butchering, raping, robbing, oppressing and targeting an individual illegally and criminally . This has reached the stage a very appalling stage now with full intention of an absurd and excruciating human-murder (chemical, microwave and “mass mind-controlled murder” & ruination. 

Please look at the following evidences as proof of concept , knowledge evidence and victim experiences:- 


Please keep in mind that this is not only a heinous organized crime, but is a form of terrorism in vested interest , called psycho-terrorism. It was like a subhuman existence under inhuman criminality to me and I would like to punish these brutal criminals for criminally subjugating me brutally under inhuman conditions with intentional evil intentions of crime-profiteering, murder exploiting and murder deprivation with extreme cruelty & brutality. 

With full thrust on Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Protection Of Life And Personal Liberty)  and fundamental rights/individual rights/civil rights  of an individual), I would like to charge the psychopathic beasts with utter disdain and would like them to get punished to the extreme extent possible.  .. I strongly and sincerely believe that, someone who can do this amount of perverted criminal psychopathic torture and crime on a helpless human being continuously for a prolonged period and in vested interest deserves exemplary punishment for a rarest of rare category of crime , corruption and conspiracy against a single individual ever..

It was against countries law and order, constitution, , human rights, civil rights, code of conduct , code of ethics and fundamental duty and fundamental responsibility of any public servant. 

Who are the allegations being made against? 

Mr.  Gorakhnath Mitra, Gnynendranath Mitra, Gora Mitra,Theron,Theraja,Lucas,

Mr.  Saikat Samantha,  Mr. James Anderson,  Mr. Arghyo Ghosh, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Robert, Sayantan , Mr. Ashok Tripathy,Mr. Sohag Sengupta,Jiban Nandi, Shuvendu Basak and Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, Sharukhh Khan etc are some prime criminals, &  conspirators . 

Also involved are Buddha/Saikat, Mrs. Jaya, Mr. Pratap,  Mr. Shantanu Mukherjee, Ashok Bose, Mr. Chadwick, Mr. Pranab Bose (and their network US & India) .All are the real criminal conspirators , criminal masterminds and hardened criminal provocateurs & exploiters in here.  

Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Donald Trump the US Presidents , are the biggest culprits in here , for whom US is black funding trillions of dollars as part of black bribing in India & US for a big crime racketeering(mind control racketeering) & porn racketeering  ...About a trillion of dollars of black money is being used in here as terror funding for influence & purchase, all due to them ..

Police Dept in here is also big time corrupt and involved in all kinds of criminal activity , in vested ibnterest .. 

What are the primary crime areas? 

The primary crime areas are :-

1. From near Hasnabad and Hinjalganj Village of North 24 parganas


3. Multiplecenters of of Kolkata, West Bengal, India inc. Bhowanipur, Alipore, Tollyguange Studio para 

3. Multiple centers of of Mumbai, India and

4. Multiple centres of US, including NY, TX, Alabama, North/ South Carolina, California and White House even ..

The applicable US Laws & Indian Penal Code sections in this regard , can be seen from Applicable Laws Page .. Primarily it violates IPC setions 143, 244,120B, 307,503, 506, 511,304, 323-325, 334-338, 107, 109, 504-507 ,278, 221, 224, 225, 225A, 225B, 352, 357, 499-502, 491 , 283- 284, 357, 352, 355,307,503, 506, 511,304, 323-325, 334-338, 107, 109, 504-507 ,278, 221, 224, 225, 225A, 225B, 352, 357, 499-502, 491 , 283- 284, 357, 352, 355, 377 , 341-344 and 346, 34-37 ..

For US nationals also , Title 18 USC Section 241, Section 242, 2441, 2511, 2512, 249, 2256, 2261A, 2340A, 2332h , 47 U.S. Code § 605,  Privacy Act 5, Geneva Convention , UN Amendment Act No 1, 3,4, 13, and 14 , HR 2977 ,International treaty on Human experimentation , Michigan House Bill 4513 & 4514 on electronic Harassment etc. are all applicable in this context  ..UDHR principles (In violations of Article 1,3,4,5,12,18 and 30) and CAT conventions are also very much applicable in here in this context 

Hence, I demada rigorous life imprisonment for all those  who have wasted 18 years of life, earning, health, career, family and all,illegally and criminally, and made me suffer criminally .. I demand a heavy compensation amount on all these grounds from them .. My Torture Case Testimonial is given alongwith for an appraisal of the issue, I’ve described in here ...

Please note that, I want to press on the issue of compensation in here, as this denial and deprivation of my due life, living, livelihood and all and undue loss and damage to my brain, health , dignity , career and reputation (personal injury and damage costs) .. So on both undue loss and undue damage ground on my life I need a case for compensation (civil & criminal ) on punitive damage ground and on mental / physical cruelty and undue pain and suffering (due life loss) ground .. My statement of claim is as given in here :-


NB :


1. No one had no authority to do anything against me from  the suburbs of south 24 parganas … My Home, Health & Life is not their work area, office area or police area …Also they could not have illegally and criminally targetted me with smuggled in / illegally manufactured weapons from that distant area …No one could have taken any action against me also, without my knowledge/information about it and any such remote application of dangerous , deadly devices (actually weapons and integrated weaponized systems ) for any reason were an absurd impossibility anyway ..

2. Not only the fact that they or the Govt. can do anything for their personal profit at my  expense but also for the fact that these are all illegal and criminal acts, done in secrecy over a huge corruption , crime & lie base.. In here all are saying and doing thing sin vested crminal interest and are propagating a filthy hate & lie propaganda with provocative lies and manufactured rubbish ..