Mind Control - A Gross Human Rights Abuse Issue

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states a common understanding, of the peoples of the world concerning the inalienable and inviolable rights of all members of the human family and constitutes an obligation for the members of the international community; 

Please see http://pathikdeb.blogspot.in/2014/03/human-rights-must-know-for-everyone.html for any required knowledge ..

Now, from Human Rights Point Of View, Mind Control is an activity with draconian violation of Human rights with Criminal violation of fundamental rights.. As par Constitution of India, it’s a gross violation of Liberty, Equality, Justice & Fraternity (inc. Sovereignty) principles of our country...This act violates Article 21, 14,17  and 19 of Indian Constitution.. 

It's also in direct violation of US Constituional Amendment Act No. 1,3, 4,5 and 6 ..

This is directly against the principles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights too.The articles that gets violated as par Universal Declaration of Human Rights in this respect are:- 

Article 1, Right to equality:

Article 2, Freedom from discrimination: 

Article 3, Right to life, liberty and personal security:
You have the right to live, to be free and to feel safe.

Article 4, Freedom from slavery:
Nobody has the right to treat you as a slave, and you 
should not make anyone your slave. 

Article 5, Freedom from torture and degrading 
Nobody has the right to torture, harm or humiliate 

Article 12, Freedom from interference with privacy, 
family, home and correspondence: 
You have the right to be protected if someone tries to 
harm your good name or enter your house, open your 
mail or bother you or your family without good reason.

Article 18, Freedom of thought, conscience and religion:

Article 30, Freedom from interference in these human 
No person, group or government anywhere in the world 
should do anything to destroy these rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights