Looking For Financial Help and Support

Dear Friends,

I'm a victim of the worst possible crime and conspiracy in the name of "Mass Mind Controlled Murder" in West Bengal , India for the last 15 years..  This is an unprecedented and unimaginable criminality that criminally deprives and ruins a person psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, socially and financially ... It's a combination of psychological warfare, electronic warfare, chemical warfare and information warfare ( with disinformation and black propaganda techniques) ...It is mainly done with the help of illegal / smuggled-in psychotronic weapons, bio-electromagnetic weapons, chemical weapons and microwave weapons / ELF weapons … This is one of a kind “blindfolded terrorism” with such kind of thinks which can eb termed as Weapons of Mass Destruction” .. On account of health loss (including brain loss) life loss , career loss, family loss, social loss and financial loss I'm at a dire distress condition ...

I strongly condemn this kind of absurd inhuman criminality and gross perverted rascal-ism with utter disdain and demand exemplary punishment for all those involved in the corruption , crime and conspiracy originally arising out of from Kultali Village of South 24 parganas, West Bengal, India.I also demand heavy crime compensation and damage amount on account of criminal loss of life, career, family and anything and everything that there is in the world to look for ..I demand a free and fare life free of any manipulation, exploitation, oppression, torture and cruelty extreme like this …


Thanks & Regards,

Deb Chakraborty






NB : I WOULD APPRECIATE SOME IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL HELP AND SUPPORT IN THIS CONDITION TO SUPPORT MYSELF..You can send in SMS or Email to ask for my bank account no. to get your money deposited ..

My Bank Account Details:-

A/C No – 04781000000835

Bank – HDFC Bank, Maniktala Branch

RTGC/NEFT IFSC Code : - HDFC0000478

The SWIFT CODE of HDFC Bank, Kolkata : HDFCINBBCAL (For International Transfer)


NB : Please see ways of bank transfer through IMPS through this link ..