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I, Mr. Deb Chakraborty, son of Late Ranjit Chakraborty and a resident of 13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street, Baranagar, Kolkata - 700090 for many years , would like to solemnly declare and affirm the following points in here:- 

  • I am suffering brutally and cruelly as a pathetic victim of remote Hi-Tech Crimes like Mind Control and psychotronic torture done on me for the last 16+ yrs... 
  • I have reported against it continuously to all the authorities including Police Dept for long .. My Public Appeal in this regard is available publicly and openly to all, in my web-site @ and in the contents therein .. 
  • But the authorities seem to have criminally neglected my complaint for years that resulted in a huge loss and damage in terms of Life, Living and Livelihood, Health, Wealth & Dignity . 
  • This is a Gross Human Rights Violation and Abuse to begin with , with deadly and damaging effects on Brain, Mind & Body especially.The long-standing Crime and it's all-pervasive effects are thus making me go towards a pathetic bleak future . 
  • I describe this Hi-Tech Crime with the following words for better understanding of the situation :- 

Mind Control is a silent , covert, coercive manipulation of human brain & mind through low-frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF , Microwave) in the neuron synapse level , that alters & debilitates a human being slowly but surely .. It's a nerve crime & brain crime primarily that alters the human psychology & behaviour to an abnormal extent to make anyone act as a “puppet” or “slave” in the hand of the modern day mafias / mafia Govt servants; or to become their false targets in vested criminal interest ...It’s a manipulation/ poisoning/murder/ of human brain, body, mind and it’s surrounding including air and consciousness., and including people & situations too .. This being against the basic fair rights of life, health , security and justice , and against humanitarian laws, must have been outlawed long back .. 

  • My Torture Case Testimonial is as given openly in my web-site and send  to all the authorities along with the complaints sent for years ..The site link is as follows : .. 
  • I was a dignified and worthy gentleman who never had any civil, public or personal incidence with anyone. So no one had any right, any authority and due entitlement for any undue name-taking and action against me. No one could have used, misused and abused me & my life in any possible.. I consider it offensive and criminal too . 


  • It was a forcible takeaway of life, living and livelihood for the last 16+ years, which has got far-reaching impact for the rest of my life . It was all due things for me and I was well worth it anyway.. 

You can’t forcibly rob away things unjustly like this , and make me pathetically suffer and toil for lifelong , especially when I was well qualified for a good and handsome life and living and things were right showing in that direction ..  

PS: .I could not even work for almost 12 long years in this condition and was doing some low-paying jobs just to survive somehow in this condition .. 

  • I was definitely an worthy being , academically, professionally and personally, till this hate victimization .. Hence I reclaim my worth back in crime compensation terms. 
  • Other factors : - I believe that I contributed high to a valuable and worthy humanitarian cause and world cause in terms of knowledge, information, awareness raising, help & support for the victims and for the world in activism terms..  I believe that banning this activity throughout the world, would restore law & order, constitution, justice, peace, humanity and civilization in the world in a big way .. The corrupt, crooked evil reign  of the tyrannical power will end ... 

So, in all humbleness , may I ask for a compensation & damage amount of 20cr. or 6 million dollars in this regard as punitive damage amount ,  intentional infliction of torture & damage amount (causing grievous hurt and harm) and as mental cruelty charges ..


Self-Appraisal Of Compensation Amount:- 


Educational Qualification: A Gold – Medallist Engineer of a Prime University and first-class graduate  of a reputed IT Institute. 

Professional Qualification :  A Successful Software Professional, working and studying in US. 

Loss & Damage Parameters :- 

Professional Loss : _ My the-then salary was equivalent to a Software Professional working in US with a salary of $78,000 /yr. ,back in 1999 .. 

Life Loss and all : Suffering brutally and cruelly in term of Fundamental Rights Violations in health(mental & physical), safety, security, liberty & job areas.. 

Family loss: Family separation (with bitter law-suit divorce cost and all) , just for this crime and conspiracy .. Father died and mother suffering  deep because of this . 

Defamation Loss :- I was a dignified and reputed individual before this false incidence that tried to falsely defame & disrepute me in filthy vested interest .. 

Worth in Other Terms: I was worth much more in terms of all other contributions in terms of life , activism and support for all the victims of the world and in term of quality knowledge and information supply and all  .. My web-site , blog-site , face-book site and all proves my worth to some extent at least. 

NB : A Settlement Calculator estimates my compensation to be 37 million dollars on the following grounds ..

1. Medical Expenses ($) 50000
Enter the total of your medical bills, even if you didn't pay out of pocket. If you didn't seek medical treatment but still suffer pain, see the daily rate method(opens in a new window).
2. Property Damage ($) 20000
(This field is commonly used for automotive damage in a car accident case. You'll leave this at zero for most other types of cases.)
3. Lost Earnings ($) 1326000
(If you missed work because of your injuries, input the sum of your lost income here. If you used available time-off benefits -- like PTO -- enter dollar value lost as if it were unpaid.)
4. Future Lost Income 1326000
(If you'll be missing more work due to ongoing treatment, or an inability to continue working at your current job while you recover, enter an estimate of those lose earnings here.)
5. Estimated Future Medical Expenses 100000
(If you will require ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, enter an estimate of the cost of that treatment.)
6. Multiplier for General Damages 3
The multiplier is used to estimate your general damages -- your "pain and suffering". The more serious, long-lasting and painful the injuries, the higher the multiplier. Scroll down to the multiplier below the calculator for tips on choosing a reasonable multiplier.
Settlement Value Estimates  
Economic Damages
This is the sum of your "special" damages, or economic losses.
Non-Economic Damages (Pain and Suffering)
This is a payment for your general damages (pain and suffering), based on the multiplier you've chosen. We also include a $1,000"nuisance" value.
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